Noemi “Mahal” Tesorero died due to digestive complications and COVID-19

Noemi Tesorero, also known as “Mahal,” has died on Tuesday, Aug. 31, her sister and some of her close friends confirmed. She was 46. Mahal died due to digestive complications and COVID-19, her sister Irene Tesorero told ABS-CBN News.

“Ang aming kapatid na si mahal ay pumanaw na. Wala schedule sa kanyang burol due to COVID restr!ctions,” said by Mahal sister Irene Tesorero.

It’s surprising knowing that it was just few weeks after Mahal and Mura meet again for a long time before she passed away. Maybe what she really needed was to see her long lost partner at that time before she can finally be at peace and say goodbye.

Mahal also gives money which she said was in addition to Mura’s expenses. She is also ready to answer all therapy expenses of Mura when go to Manila. Many were moved by what Mahal told her friend that she was always ready to help when Mura needed her help.

Mahal really give us happiness and joy in our hearts and we need to be great full for that , because that was Mahal truly wanted to, and now we need to be happy because she is now in Paradise with God , and she finished her mission , that is to give us happiness.

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