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“Ngiti” Singer, Ronnie Liang Currently Taking His Masters Degree

Ronnie Liang is currently pursuing to become a pilot. He is popularly known as a Filipino singer who sang the song “Ngiti”.

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The 36-year-old posted on his social media just a few days ago, sharing that he is back in studying for his Masters Degree.

“1st semester is almost over! Taking my Masters Degree, Major in National Security & Administration. Truly, Learning has No boundaries, Learning has No Limits.” he captioned.

Ronnie shared with PEP that he is taking online classes every Saturday from 1pm-5pm.

“May mga realization ako nung nagkaroon ng pandemic.

“One is the importance of education. I said to myself na kailangan kong matuto pa—mga bagay na hindi ko pa alam. That’s why I took the chance na mag-enroll.”

The singer-actor shared his realization during the pandemic.

“We really should value education. Habang may oras ka pa, learn and study. I’m doing this to improve myself and also to inspire others na rin na hindi hadlang ang pandemic upang matuto. There are available online classes na puwede nilang subukan.”

Good luck with your journey, Ronnie!

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