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Full Video: Rudy Baldwin Ipina-Tulfo Goes Viral Online

Rudy Baldwin Ipina-Tulfo Goes Viral Online! A woman in another country sought help from the Raffy Tulfo in Action program to file a case against psychic Rudy Baldwin. Rudy’s former manager Elzen Estores also spoke out against the psychic. Among the things that happened to her was that she sold a car and jewelry because this is what Rudy told her that she should do. After all, the world will be destroyed.

The money she got from her car and jewelry she sold and give to the poor people. She added that in March 2020, Baldwin allegedly told her that the world would be destroyed.

She also shared that she was disgusted to drink water that allegedly contained Rudy’s saliva for the relief of her stress. According to Atty. Gareth Tungol, Rudy Baldwin is legally liable as long as it is proven that he predicted and paid or received payment.

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