Axie Infinity “Scholar” Buys two (2) House & Lot Features in KMJS

Surprisingly, at the age of 22, John Aaron Ramos has already bought two houses because of playing today’s popular online game, ‘Axie Infinity.’ John Aaron starts playing Axie Infinity last November 2020 , he is one of the Scholar. If you have no money, you can apply to an investor or more popularly known as Manager.

In an interview with the program ‘Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho,’ the investment in such a game is huge where the so-called ‘manager’ spends approximately Php100,000 to Php120,000. John Aaron only plays it two to three hours a day. And the income, depending on the “small love potion” or SLP they get. This SLP is what they can exchange for actual money. The value of the SLP is in line with the movement of the ‘digital currency’ in the cryptocurrency market.

Coincidentally, this SLP conversion increased, which is why John Aaron’s income increased. As a result, he has already bought a house for his mother and another house for his father.

Additionally, from being a ‘scholar’ of such a game, he is Now a manager who handles his own team. They also rented a place where he played with his scholars.

But John Aaron’s advice is to avoid borrowing just to be a manager and invest in Axie Infinity. Use only the money that can be afford to loss in a game.

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