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“Awkward and Needs Improvement”: Netizens Comment on Kisses Delavin’s Runway Challenge

Recently, Miss Universe Philippines released the clips of the candidates on the runway challenge. Kisses Delavin who ranks number one on headshot challenge, seems to have a little problem on how she walks on the runway.

Philippine Pageants Official on Twitter: "You first saw and heard it from  us. Now you officially confirmed it right with your very eyes.Kisses  Delavin from Masbate is an official candidate for the

Some of the netizens say that maybe it was because of the wrong choice of the dress. Some say that she used too much force on holding her hips.

Netizens say that it’s not her time yet, but she will definitely improve with her exposure on the pageant industry. On the other hand, her facial expressions were excellent as her eyes appeared to be very powerful and attractive.

Despite the negative comments about Delavin, fans and supporters are still cheering her up on her journey of achieving her dream.

Watch the video below:

Another candidate, Maureen Wroblewitz, gained a lot of praise for her runway skills.

Maureen Wroblewitz Gets Asked About Scars In Her Belly

Netizens loved how she walks on the runway. She wouldn’t be the ‘Asia’s Next top Model’ winner for nothing, right?

How she presented herself on the runway challenge, literally shows that she is a natural and a pro when it comes to modeling.

Watch the video below:

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