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The Miss Universe Philippines 2021 candidates unveiled their bodies at Clark International Airport. Wearing their swimsuit attire. Last Sunday when the finalists marched wearing their orange swimwear for the preliminaries of the pageant. Of all the candidates, Kisses seems to have been the bet of Netizens for the swimsuit event because of its toned abs. [...]

Recently, Miss Universe Philippines released the clips of the candidates on the runway challenge. Kisses Delavin who ranks number one on headshot challenge, seems to have a little problem on how she walks on the runway. Some of the netizens say that maybe it was because of the wrong choice of the dress. Some say [...]

Several netizens say that Kisses Delavin has an advantage for having many followers and fans because of her popularity as an actress. Recently, Miss Universe Philippines announced the top 7 delegates for the headshot challenge namely: Kirsten Danielle Delavin Rousanne Marie Bernos Maureen Christa Wroblewitz Steffi Rose Aberasturi Maria Corazon Abalos Katrina Dimaranan Leren Mae Bautista  Some netizens say that they [...]