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Raffy Tulfo Accompanied the Maid to Finally Filed a Case Against Lucio Tan’s Son

Raffy Tulfo accompanied Rocelle Siay (Maid) who complained to his boss name, Timmy Tan, the son of one of the country’s business tycoons Lucio Tan. Atty. Freddie Villamor and Atty. Garreth of ACT-CIS also with Raffy Tulfo and Rocelle Siay. According to Raffy Tulfo, they found Rocelle trembling with fear, admitted anxiety, and admitted not knowing what to do.

It seems that she was ok when she saw the presence of Tulfo and the lawyers who promised to help her until she gets justice.

When it recalls, a maid cooked a hotdog that triggers Timmy’s anger towards her which even led to order a bodyguard to do something bad.

Because of this, Tulfo said that this is where the administration of justice in the country will be tested because this is a case where a poor person allegedly had the courage to sue the rich and famous people in the country.

Raffy Tulfo Focus on the Case of Maid against Lucio Tan’s Son Timmy Tan

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