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Watch: Raffy Tulfo Talked to China Roces and Toni Fowler

Raffy Tulfo interviewed model/actress and Vlogger China Roces on ‘Wanted sa Radyo’ regarding the case she filed against her ex-boyfriend Tim Sawyer. Raffy Tulfo also talked to Vlogger Toni Fowler and asked what her comments to Rob Moya and Tim Sawyer.

Tim Sawyer got Arrested for Domestic Violence against China Roces. This is after the arrest warrant was issued for Tim on May 27.

Even Atty. Garreth Tungol of ACT-CIS, who is also China’s lawyer, gave his statement on the alleged behavior of Tim’s friends during the first hearing.

According to the lawyer, Tim’s friends were even able to make noise and dance as if they were in the hearing. It seems that they are underestimating the process and showing it as disrespectful to the court.

Raffy Tulfo in Action will also continue to focus on the case of Tim Sawyer who allegedly hurt his ex -girlfriend China Roces several times.

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