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MDRRMO personnel Sonny De Andres Enriquez suspends for three (3) months without pay

Top trending topic online! Taytay, Rizal Mayor Joric Gacula II suspends MDRRMO personnel Sonny Enriquez for three months without pay. The incident was documented by the victim, Cyril Bisa, in a video that went viral on social media.

The NDRRMO personnel, Sonny Enriquez, told Bisa he is not an APOR or authorized person outside of residence. The IATF has allowed outdoor exercises for people such as biking for as long as it is within the vicinity of their homes or in their barangays.

Mayor Gacula says, that he cannot tolerate such mistakes. In fact, he want to fire the said staff member immediately but it was found out that he is a regular employee since 1994. Due to security of tenure, he will first impose on him a 3 MONTHS SUSPENSION WITH NO PAY while the Human Resources is now investigating.

Watch the viral video below:

If the affected individuals file a formal complaint for what happen, the Mayor will ensure their full support so that there will be no precedent for others.

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