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Watch: Bea Alonzo Shared to Ian Veneracion How She Work Relationship as a Girlfriend

Kapamilya stars and off screen friends Bea Alonzo and Ian Veneracion featured on the video vlog of the actress where the two are having a dinner date.

In this video vlog of the 33-year-old she confessed her side how she handles relationship as a girlfriend. According to the actress she is willing to make every effort in order to make the relationship work. But on the other side, she admitted that once she is on that relationship and do her best for it, she said that to be dependent to another person in the relationship is something that scared her.

Just like other normal and ordinary women, Bea expressed that when everything is said and done when it comes to relationship, she looks forward to always consider the person in relationship, and of course, that person is the one she is praying will never hurt her.

However, the 46-year-old actor disagree with her opinion and advised her never afraid to give her best in order to build a strong relationship with someone she chooses.

“Fall in love to the max, give yourself fully and if it breaks your heart, it breaks your heart. But because you know you can always swing back, that’s okay,” he said.

The world of the actor made Bea admired the wisdom within. She added that she is looking forward to get married at the right time with right person and build their family together. She admitted that among her friends she is the one last to settle down.

Watch video here:

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