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Meet April Joy Barrueso new Girlfriend of Akosi Dogie

April Joy Barrueso known as “AJ Gaming” is the newest girlfriend of Gamer/Youtuber Akosi Dogie. Recently, Dogie went viral after statement to ex-girlfriend Chixmiss “Dogie insulting Chixmiss comparing present Girlfriend Went Viral.

According to Netizen, “Somewhere in November nagbreak silang dogie and chix, but if you look at AJ’s insta during November 14-15, dogie was already liking Aj’s pics back then. Lmao, it’s always the manipulative sadbois.”

Chixmiss clarifies break up with Akosi Dogie the second time around. She posted a video on YouTube that broke down and was in tears recalling all those heartbreaking moments. he confessed to her viewers, “Ilang beses di akong napagod. Sobra. Ni minsan hindi ko sinukuan si Dogie.” 

“Nakakahiya si dogie dun sa part kung pano n’ya pinagkumpara si chix and aj. Bro, minsan mo din minahal ‘yan. She maybe not the perfect gf u had, nagkamali man s’ya pero she doesn’t deserve it. No one deserves it. Kung wala kang respeto sa pinag samahan n’yo, atleast respect chix,” said @PeejhY.

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