MYANMAR Police Killed Ma Kyel Sin Went Viral


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Angel, 19, wore a T-shirt that read ‘Everything will be OK’ as she joined anti-coup protesters in Myanmar. She was killed by a shot to the head as she fought for a tentative democracy in which she had proudly voted for the first time last year.

Residents in some Yangon neighbourhoods tonight held candlelight memorials for those killed by security forces today. At least 16 people died across Myanmar, including six people in Yangon.

The security forces resorted to live fire with little warning. “It’s horrific, it’s a massacre. No words can describe the situation and our feelings,” said youth activist.

At least 38 people were killed in Myanmar on Wednesday, the UN confirmed, marking the worst day of violence since protests against military rule began.

The Myanmar military is carrying out a widespread & systematic attack on the population. What began as a crackdown against peaceful protesters is now a military attack involving targeted extrajudicial killings and 1,000+ arrested. The attack is ongoing.

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