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Meet Ashley Moyer-Gleich NBA Referee Viral Reaction over Luka Dončić

Remember this incident. The referee’s name is Ashley Moyer-Gleich. She is the fourth female full time NBA referee. He was previously a referee in the NBA G League for two seasons and WNBA in 2018 before officiating an NBA game.

Ashley Moyer-Gleich (Millersville) follows the footsteps of former #NCAAD2 student-athletes Lauren Holtkamp (Drury) and Violet Palmer (Cal Poly Pomona, retired) as female NBA referees.

Netizens Memes:

~Did you see that foul?
~What foul? What foul?
~Fouling in love with you

However, your idol referee has a husband is also an NCAA referee named Johnee Gleich.

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