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Raffy Tulfo in Action: Atty. Freddie Villamor Gives Update on Sonia at Frank Gregorio Deaths

On February 18, the second hearing was held in the case of Sonia and Frank Gregorio who were allegedly killed by former policeman Jonel Nuezca. Atty. Freddie Villamor, one of the Gregorio family lawyers in connection with the case against Jonel Nuezca

He said they have already presented in court the second witness and heavy evidence for Nuezca’s actual shooting of Sonia at Frank Gregorio.

Sonia’s husband was very grateful to Raffy Tulfo for his help.

They personally hope that Nuezca will arrive at the next hearing to be held on March 11.

Also, the video and cellphone used were already submitted to the prosecution and will serve as heavy evidence in the case against Nuezca.

Raffy Tulfo was even more shocked when Atty. Villamor that Nuezca seemed even healthier when he saw it in the video. “Kasi ho nasa video, hindi ko masyadong makita talaga, parang medyo tumaba,” said ni Villamor.

Photo Credit to Raffy Tulfo

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