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Watch the latest teaser for VOLTES V: LEGACY!

Voltes V is such a part of our pop culture that even a song created by kids in a playground during the 2000s used the song’s tune for this ditty.

Many are excited about the re-release of the movie VOLTES V: Legacy after GMA released its new teaser. The trailer features the familiar V-Formation, and their leader Steve while driving the Volt Cruiser.

Full Video of the latest teaser for VOLTES V: LEGACY!

The new trailer shows the Boazanian empire attacking Earth. During the attack, the Voltes V ships are seen launching from their base, Camp Big Falcon. (Source Rappler)

Mark Reyes, who directed Encantadia, Mystified, and Beautiful Justice, is director of the project.

The live action series has been “licensed by Japan’s own Toei Company, Ltd. through its Philippine-licensor Telesuccess Productions, Inc.”

Voltes V is now viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

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