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Vlogger ‘The Hungry Syrian Wanderer’ Exposes the Truth Behavior about Chong Bobby YouTube Channel

Basel Manadil more popularly known as ‘The Hungry Syrian Wanderer’ reacts to all the allegations thrown at him by the viral Korean street vendor and friend named Bobby.

In the YouTube Channel “Chong Bobby Channel,” Boboy claims to be a friend of Mr. Chang, we all witness that Boboy discrediting the help of Basel to Mr. Chang.

According to Basel, he decided to help Mr. Chang whom he calls “Abeoji” because he sees him as his father. But Mr. Chang and Bobby stab him on the back.

“For him, being 78 years old, I was feeling that I have the father figure that’s near me. That’s you know — by my side. So I felt that he was my father. So at first, I felt pity for him because he’s a Korean vendor selling in the streets, doesn’t have any money, doesn’t have income, lost 300 million pesos,” he said.

“I got affected. I felt pity for him. Just like all of you are. So what I tried to do is to help him out. So he started being close with me, I invited him to my birthday, I invited him to my house, I invited him to my condo, I invited him to eat with me, I invited him to many Korean buffets, I brought him to many Korean restaurants, I brought him to Filipino restaurants,” he added.

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