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Maya Millete, Filipina Who Went Missing in San Diego, California

Maya Millete went missing for 5 days, her family and authorities are currently searching for her whereabouts.

Chula Vista Missing Mom: Search Planned For Wednesday

She was missing on Thursday night and was last seen at home in Chula Vista in San Diego.

According to her sister Maricris Drouaillet, “The room was locked. But when my brother knocked on the door she was responding and it was locked. My brother thought, she probably just wanted to be left alone.”

On Wednesday, Larry, her husband told the reporters, “I’m trying to keep everything as normal as I can for the kids.”

“I know to them it seems like everything is fine, but I know it’s impacting them a little bit.” he added.

Search Party Launched for Filipina in California Missing for 5 Days

The family told the reporters that they didn’t hear anything from her the whole day of Friday and Saturday. Her father checked on her at her room, but when he opened the door, Maya was nowhere to be found.

“It’s not like her to be out for this long. It’s not like her not to attend to her daughter’s 11th birthday,” Maya’s sister said.

The family is still hoping that she’s just taking time for herself as she is said to love hiking and outdoor activities.

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