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Valentine Rosales Asks for donations to pay a Lawyer

Valentine Rosales asks help from the public for donations in order to pay their Lawyer. According to Valentine, he and his friends need help “struggling to finance a lawyer.” They need Lawyers in Dacera’s case and defend them.

In his Twitter posts, “I would like to ask for your help to raise funds for me and my fellow friends who are struggling to finance a lawyer in assisting us in this situation & effectively defend us. Any amount of donation will mean alot & will be appreciated.”

“This is the official page created to help our accused friends to gather donations. Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our financial needs in our legal actions. We need your help!”

He added, “Financially Struggling Loudly crying face Physically and Emotionally draining Loudly crying face, I hope this nightmare ends. Thank you for everyone’s prayers and support we will all get through this.”

Rosales, Rommel Galido, John Pascual dela Serna III and Clark Rapinan claimed Dacera died of natural causes and stressed that there was no foul play involved. (Source Inquirer)

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