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Jake Esteron comes out to break his silence regarding the death of the flight attendant Christine Dacera who died untimely at the City Garden Hotel in Makati on January 1, 2021 as she and her group celebrated the New Year’s Eve. In an interview with ABS-CBN News broadcaster Zyann Ambrosio, Esteron who was the 13th [...]

One of Valentine Rosales’ remarks was that Christine Dacera allegedly mentioned to him that he noticed a “handsome” basketball player in room 2207. In an interview with veteran talk show host Boy Abunda, Rosales recalled what Dacera said to her about a basketball player in room 2207. Abunda asked what was the possible reason why [...]

Basketball player Justin Rieta, one of the persons of interest in the Christine Dacera case, went to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) office in Manila yesterday, January 13. Rieta was accompanied by her legal counsel to the NBI office.Rieta was among the guests in Room 2207 of the City Garden Grand Hotel on January [...]

One video recorded on January 1 at 5:45 a.m., showed Dacera walking out of their hotel room and walking towards the adjacent Room 2207. At around 6 a.m., Dacera’s friend and now one of the respondents in her case, Valentine Rosales, could be seen walking out of their hotel room toward Room 2207 as well. [...]

Who Is Mark Anthony Rosales?

Authorities are currently investigating to confirm whether Mark Anthony Rosales is truly responsible of putting “something” in Christine Dacera’s drink, that led to her controversial death. He was present on the New Year’s Eve Party together with PAL Flight Attendant Christine Dacera. According to Rommel Galido, Dacera’s friend, Rosales was the one who put that [...]

PTV News shared video report about the update of the case involving Christine Angela Dacera who died in the bathtub of Makati Hotel during the New Year’s Eve celebration. According to report, based on the findings of police record, the medico-legal result revealed the cause of death of Dacera was “ruptured aortic aneurysm.” Medical experts [...]

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho is also known as KMJS, is a Philippine television news magazine show broadcast by GMA Network.  KMJS features stories, “THE CASE OF CHRISTINE DACERA | KINAGAT! | ANG NAWAWALA | KRUDO SA BALON? | #LIGOALS | 2021 CALENDAR.” LALAKI, KINAGAT SA MASELANG BAHAGI NG KANYANG DATING KINAKASAMALalaki sa Aklan, kinagat ng [...]

Valentine Rosales Asks for donations to pay a Lawyer

Valentine Rosales asks help from the public for donations in order to pay their Lawyer. According to Valentine, he and his friends need help “struggling to finance a lawyer.” They need Lawyers in Dacera’s case and defend them. In his Twitter posts, “I would like to ask for your help to raise funds for me [...]

The NBI has already identified the occupants of Room 2207, or the other room of the Makati Hotel where flight attendant Christine Dacera was staying before she was found dead in Room 2209. The NBI denies to exposed their names in public.Deputy Director Ferdinand Lavin, NBI spokesperson, called the persons who are in room 2207 [...]

Valentine Rosales Say Sorry to the people of Rm. 2207

Valentine Rosales’ statement regarding the people they met in another room of the City Garden Hotel in Makati City where they celebrated the New Year with the late flight attendant Christine Dacera. In his Twitter post, Rosales apologized for using the wrong words to describe the people in room 2207. “Sorry since I’m very tense [...]