Actual Video of Jonel Nuezca Shooting The Gregorios


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Jonel Nuezca, caught in camera doing intolerable evil deeds to a mother and a son identified as Sonya Gregorio and Frank Gregorio.

The online community expressed sympathy and moral support to the victims and calling the attention of the authorities to give justice to the victims.

As we know that we are in the Christian country that normally people condemn this act because it is not only a sin against fellow but a sin against the creator and giver of life.

We choose not to indicate the copy of the video here for the reason of protecting the victim and to show support to their family and love ones.

People in the world of social media we crying for justice by campaigning against Jonel Nuezca to suffer the capital punishment which will cost his life and send his daughter under the custody of the DSWD.

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