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VIRAL VIDEO: Condo Unit of Super Tekla Left by Partner Michelle Dirty

The condo unit of comedian Super Tekla goes viral online after her friend Donita Nose visited him and checked his unit after his live-in partner Michelle Banaag left the condo days after the controversy started.

Netizens compared the look of the condo from the first month Tekla was been living their to now that it looks like a mess.

According to Donita, the place was so gross. Aside from the garbage that was scattered everywhere, their were also a lot of cockroches in every corner of the unit plus the unpleasant odor.

In the video posted by Donita in their Youtube channel of Super Tekla, he made a tour on the unit, their friends also help them to cleaned the unit and fix everything. They also buy some bed for Tekla so that he could get enough rest and can think on a better solution on the problem.

Watch the video here:

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