Janella Salvador Claps Back to Her Bashers Saying She’s Hiding Her Pregnancy

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Janella Salvador broke her silence after she has this response to her bashers saying she is hiding her pregnancy, regarding her pregnancy issue.

Recently, couple Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson disclosed to the public about their relationship. After that, rumors that the actress and singer being pregnant circulates online.

According to some netizens, maybe she really is pregnant because she is protecting her sweet image and wouldn’t post the video of her and Markus kissing if she is not.

Her mom Jenine Desiderio also being asks about her daughters pregnancy issue, however the singer hasn’t responded yet.


The pregnancy rumors even hyped up when Janella was heard saying “Show my bump nalang”, “I almost jump, I’m not allowed to jump” in a video.

Based on the article from The Philippine Star, in a recent Instagram post of Janella Salvador showing home organizing projects, netizens commented that she is trying to hide her “pregnancy”.


Because of this, the actress-singer fired back. “Blocking people who have no respect and have nothing else to do but gossip. I am only allowing positivity in my space,” she wrote

Janella has turned her comment section to “limited”. Behind the bashing she received due to her alleged pregnancy, her fans rallied behind her. Her supporters pointed out that she is not oblige to share everything in her private life, based on the article.

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