Why Koreans Have Strong Reaction Against the Rising Sun Flag?

Why Koreans have strong reaction against the Rising Sun Flag, we shortly discuss in the page the reason why South Koreans are sensitive about the use of the Rising Sun flag.

According to the online information, the Rising Sun flag is a symbol of Japanese imperialist expansion to the land of Korea and Manchuria in the Chinese territory during the World War 2.

Japan to skip naval event after South Korea protests over 'Rising Sun' flag  - Reuters

The flag also symbolizes with the war crimes and oppression, as well as human-rights abuses committed during the time of Japanese empire.

During the time 1910 to 1945 Korea was under the power of the Japanese rule.

In September 2019, during the Tokyo Olympics on 2020, South Korea initiates the banning of the use of the Raising Sun flag in connection to the wretched historical power under the Japanese governance.

According to the article published by the BBC.com, South Korea parliamentary head committee for sports noted and citing the symbol of the flag. According to him, the flag symbolizes of the devil to the Asian countries particularly to the Korean people. Just like swastika that represent a symbol of Nazis, this tragic reminds European invasion of horror.

Despite the controversial issue behind the Rising Sun flag, Japanese people still using this flag, as a matter of fact, this is the official ensign of the Japanese Navy forces in the country.

For the Filipino people, it is also important to know that the same flag used by the Imperial Japan during the invasion of Japanese soldier in the Philippines in the year 1942-1945.

Just like Korea, it is hard to forget for the Filipino people in the since that there many slaves at the time, women were force into s6xual slavery and abused by the Japanese soldiers.

History tells us that there were about 527,000 Filipinos out of a wartime population of 17-million died during the time the Japanese took over all control of the Philippine country.

This is the reason that the online community of Korean netizens had this reaction over the tattoo used by a Filipino-American social media influencer, Bella Poarch which issue triggers elicit reaction of the netizens which issue goes viral on Twitter and other social media platform.

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