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VIRAL: Raffy Tulfo in Intense Exchange Argument Against Police Officer Colonel Rodel Pastor

Prominent broadcast-journalist Raffy Tulfo in TV5 engaged in an intense exchange argument against the Police Officer Colonel Rodel Pastor of Las Piñas City.

The exchange of argument started when Idol Raffy told Colonel Pastor as weak officer because he was not able to take appropriate action against his subordinate Police Lieutenant Coronel Yaya Bustamante Yusof who was complained by the complainant Jona Paula Castro.

The Police Officer tried to explain that he gives his best to assist the issue and to settle all the matter and ask the complainant if she file a criminal complaint in the court but Idol Raffy interrupt because he was not satisfied to his explanation and told the Colonel Pastor as weak leader.

“Excuse me, sir! Sorry sir ha! You’re a weak leader. I’m sorry sir but you are weak. Pinaka-weak sa lahat ng weak… Di mo kaya yung bata mo na sabihan mo… You’re very weak! Bakit ka naging Chief of Police? Look at me, subukan mo ako. Tingnan natin, makukuha ko yung bata…” Raffy quipped.

“Bakit ako naging weak? Yun naman ang tama ah! Madali lang sabihin yan pero meron tayong proseso… Meron tayong proseso, Mr. Tulfo! May batas tayong sinusunod. You judged me. Anong karapatan mong sabihan mo akong weak leader ako? Mali ka! Nangliliit ka! Masyado kang mang-maliit ng tao…” answered Police Colonel Pastor.

In order to get the full story, from the video below, you can jump to video track time 1:42 where started the episode of a woman complainant Jona Paula Castro complaining her live-in partner Police Lieutenant Coronel Yaya Bustamante Yusof who borrowed their 7-year-old kid on July 5, 2020 that until this writing the child is still in the custody of her live-in partner.

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