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Update: Malacañang React to Duterte’s Threatened Stop of Facebook in the Philippines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatened on Monday, September 28, 2020 to stop the operation of Facebook in the country after the social media giant recently took down some pro-government social media pages.

The world knows about Facebook as the leading social media site with hundreds of millions of subscribers of different races and ages all over the world. Aside from personal account, some has established pages for the people they wanted to support including showbiz celebrities, politicians and many more while some were using the platform for entertainment and business.

Because of the over-crowded online populace of different generation, negative scenarios are also taking place in the online world, especially in Facebook. This prompted the giant tech to take control of suspicious behavior of the individual account and implement new rules over time.

Recently, based on the new rules, Facebook took down some pages with suspicious behavior that seems violates against the rule. This action of the giant tech of removing pages affect some pages of the pro-government use to spread advocacy to reach out the people, according to President Duterte on his video, watch below.

The President reacted over the issue, on this video here below; you can watch the President on the actual video clip speaking to this matter.

According to the report published by the ABS-CBN News, the President learned that the page was using for the advocacy was taken down by the Facebook, the “Hands Off Our Children,” report said. Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said the page was used for advocacy that fights groups that recruit kids.

Report said, the Palace called the move of Facebook to take down the “pro-government” pages as “censorship” or an act of suppressing a body.

“Hindi issue ang fake news ngayon. Ang issue ngayon eh, anong epekto ng pagtatanggal ng pages na yan?” Roque said.

This lead the question why pro-government pages are taken down while those of the opposition remain as is.

Watch video here:

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