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Sofia Andres Has This Skin Condition That Makes Her Feet Looks, Black

Actress and young mom Sofia Andres shared that she is suffering from this skin condition that makes her feet look black.

Sofia Andres on Twitter: "me without contacts 👋🏻… "
Image from Twitter

The skin condition is called Friction Dermatitis. It is a condition that affects her feet, causing it to turn black whenever it gets irritated due to friction.

According to Sofia, it happens whenever she wears shoes. However, she has sought help from a certain clinic to help her lighten the dark portions of her feet. The actress also admits that she is now conscious when wearing open shoes and slippers.

Based on the report, this condition as an eczematous process wherein a physical frictional trauma contributes to the induction of a dermatitis process.

And because Sofia opens up about her feet condition, netizens also expressed that they have the same condition with the actress and they has now know what is that and why is it happening.

Here are some of the comments:

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