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Kapamilya actress and young mom Sofia Andres shares in her Youtube vlog a room tour of her daughter with professional race car driver Daniel Miranda, Zoe Natalia. Image from Sofia Andres Instagram posts According to Sofia, the baby’s room of Zoe has been renovated and designed from being bare. Her followers were amazed on the [...]

Actress and young mom Sofia Andres shared that she is suffering from this skin condition that makes her feet look black. Image from Twitter The skin condition is called Friction Dermatitis. It is a condition that affects her feet, causing it to turn black whenever it gets irritated due to friction. According to Sofia, it [...]

Diego Loyzaga has this message to his former on-screen partner and girlfriend Sofia Andres motherhood after the actress disclosed to the public a month ago that she is now a mother to her daughter Zoe. Diego was asked about his reaction to the actress in an online media conference as they welcome him as the [...]

Sofia Andres’ big revelation about her baby recently became a hot topic online. Many were surprised of her announcement, which she revealed during Father’s Day. In her interview with Korina Sanchez, she admitted that her mother cried when she found out about her pregnancy. She had a difficult time in telling her parents that she [...]

It has been five days since the actress Sofia Andres revealed that she and her boyfriend, Daniel Miranda, are already parents to an adorable baby girl — Zoe. This father’s day news has surprised everyone as she kept her pregnancy in public. Sofia and Daniel have been together for four years and are still on [...]

The 21-year-old Kapamilya actress Sofia Andres posted on her IG story some video of her during labor on daughter Zoe. https://instagram.com/stories/iamsofiaandres/2338425739266706563?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=wxd8pm7cptvs https://instagram.com/stories/iamsofiaandres/2338425655875570735?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=6914rwax6lmz https://instagram.com/stories/iamsofiaandres/2338425787736125769?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=we9qic5evq0s Based on our previous report, the news about Sofia first circulated on social media on June 21, Father’s Day after she posted a video of her saying that she is now a [...]

Sofia Andres shared video of her beloved daughter during a Catholic baptism with some of her celebrity friends attended the intimately wonderful celebration of her baby Zoe. To get into Catholic baptism welcomes the child into the world of Christianity and invites the guidance of the Holy Spirit as part of the spiritual life of [...]

Actress Sofia Andres posted on her Instagram account a video during the Christening of her daughter Zoe Natalia. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBusX49np2v/?igshid=jdqatk8mmmfa Based on our previous report, Kapamilya actress Sofia Andres announced to the public on Father’s Day that she is now a mother of a baby girl. And now, Sofia posted a photo and a video of [...]

Sofia Andres posted a photo of her baby bump while on pregnancy to shows proof that she really got pregnant. On June 21, actress Sofia Andres surprised the netizens when she posted on her Instagram account a video of her pregnancy journey with the caption “Life during pregnancy.” https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBsM_pJHaYe/?igshid=1v09x8kxbtrej She shared on the video her [...]

Sofia Andres confirmed that she is now a mother to her baby girl! As we all know, Sofia Andres is in a relationship with her boyfriend Daniel Miranda who is a racer. Sweet photos of them first surfaced in social media on 2018, but it was in January 2019 when they revealed the relationship. On [...]