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Ruby Rodriguez to Netizen Asking Why She is Not in Eat Bulaga, ”Sila tanungin mo”

Actress-Eat Bulaga host Ruby Rodriguez has this answer after a netizen asked her if why is she not appearing in the noontime show for a long time.

One netizen named inayevelyn asked Ruby out of her curiosity through social media, on why the host is not appearing on the show.

Rubi response to the netizen to ask for herself referring to the Eat Bulaga team on why she is not appearing on the show saying, “Sila tanungin mo.”

Ruby Rodriguez on not appearing on Eat Bulaga: “Sila tanungin mo”

Recently, Rubi has been in a traumatic experience after her Doctor sibling, Dr. Sally Gatchalian died fighting the COVID-19 disease. And also, she has been hospitalized due to stomach ailment. However, she was able to recover from the illness and the surgery she underwent.

With that, netizens thought that these might be the reasons why she has been absent from GMA noontime show “Eat Bulaga.”

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