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Rica Peralejo Reacted to “Ayuda” Issue of Niece Heaven Peralejo

 Former actress Rica Peralejo has this reaction to the “ayuda” issue of her niece actress Heaven Peralejo.

Recently, ‘Manay’ Lolit Solis has this accusation to the young actress Heaven Peralejo saying she asked “money” from the Pacquiao’s. However, Senator Manny’s wife Jinkee, as well as Heaven’s ex-boyfriend Jimuel, denied the allegations against the actress.

Also, Heaven’s manager Ogie Diaz defended the actress and said that the rumor is not true.

With that, Heaven clarified that she did not ask for money from anyone as she said that she is thankful for having decent ways to earn money.

After hearing that, Lolit Solis issued an apology to the young actress.

Meanwhile, Abante Entertainment columnist Jun Lalin asked Rica Peralejo to give her reaction regarding her niece’s issue.

The former T.G.I.S. actress said that Heaven Peralejo is also her “inaanak”.

She said, “Mabait na bata ‘yan. Pareho sila ng Mommy niya, sweet.” And when she was asked if she was shocked about the “ayuda” issue, the former actress said that she did not feel that way because she had no idea about it and that she is not frequently talking to Heaven. But she offered her to come to her for her to give an advice when it comes to this issue.

Rica also said that if an issue affects Heaven, she must be honest about it and that she must understand that intrigues comes with being a public figure.

However, Rica Peralejo said that she knows as Heaven Peralejo get older in the entertainment industry, she will get used to it. Years in the industry will also teach her to just smile and understand that her worth and truth do not depend on what other people may say, Rica added.

That is more than enough to have peace even when some people are trying to attack her,” Rica said.

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