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Heaven Peralejo Break Silence: “I didn’t ask anyone for money.”

“I’ll get straight to the point. I didn’t ask anyone for money.”

This is the statement of Heaven Peralejo following after the issue surfaced online against her that she texted to ask money from Senator Many Pacquiao worth Php100,000.

Attracttour learns that Heaven and Jimuel made a public confirmation about their relationship on March 2019 but the two separate their ways on August of the same year.

Yesterday, September 14, 2020, the 20-year-old former Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 housemate broke her silence against the rumor that she asks financial support from the family of Jimuel.

According to Heaven people change their impression on her due to the issue stoned against her and she feels so sad on it.

“The past few weeks have redefined the public’s impression of me. It was hurtful and I needed some time to think it through.”

This is the reason nobody can blame the actress if she come straight to the point in answering the accusation against her.

“I’ll get straight to the point. I didn’t ask anyone for money,” she said.

She also narrated how grateful she was for the blessing she had in life and many opportunities to earn a living without extracting money from the pockets of other people.

“I am beyond grateful that I am blessed with opportunities to earn an honest living.

“Whatever I have now is a product of my hard work and not extracted from anyone’s pockets.”

Heaven also expressed gratefulness to her former 19-year-old boyfriend Jimuel and his family for defending her from false accusation and online bashing on her. Hope everyone can move one from the issue.

“Thank you to Jim and his family. I appreciate your efforts to stand with me. As well as to my family, friends, and supporters, thank you for always looking after me.

“I hope we can all move forward from this issue. Happy Monday!” she added.

Heaven also indicate the post of Jinkee Pacquiao on her Instagram post to let her critics know that she is telling the truth and there are people depending her.

Heaven expressed appreciation to Jinkee for depending her.

“I APPRECIATE THIS TITA [heart emoji]”

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