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Revelation: COVID-19 Scam is the Biggest Crime of the Century [Watch Video]

A video on YouTube caught the attention of the netizens because it contains common sense and logical thought about the truth of COVID-19.

The video in this page might surprise you as I was. This group of doctors headed by the Doctors of Enlightenment in a press briefing revealed very interesting and exciting information that everybody must know about the truth of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The video claimed that COVID-19 has no scientific basis but it’s just a lie. This is just used to create health issue but it is not the real target but to paralyze the economy. One of the speaker in the video cited Oligarchy or a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution is the alleged responsible of what is happening now in the world.

According to this video, the problem today is not about health but it’s about the organized crime of the century using this pandemic issue to control the people and nation with fear to death so that their agenda will be pushed through.

We recommend to watching this video and use your understanding for everybody to have a proper education about the truth of the COVID-19.

Video source from YouTube:

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What can you say about this claim on the video? Share your thought here on the comment box provided below.

Thanks for watching.

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