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Raffy Tulfo: Paranormal Experts Ed Caluag & Ana Dela Cruz has the same Prediction On the Wonders in Raffy Tulfo Office

Following the creepy voice that was heard in the office of Raffy Tulfo, the veteran broadcaster said that he will investigate what is the building in the past.

After the creepy voice that whispered “psst, and Give and take” that was heard in the recorded video, staff and viewers shiver in the spooky experience they heard not only once but many times.

Recently, idol asks one of the famous paranormal experts in his program if he could see what mystery is inside the studio. However, besides Ed Caluag, he also invited another paranormal expert named Ana Dela Cruz.

After conducting some investigations the two psychics revealed the same prediction. They also discovered that the “entity” they saw was the same and she was staying in the office of Raffy Tulfo Wanted sa Radyo to ask for help. They said that the body of the girl was buried near the studio.

According to Caluag, he gathered some details regarding the name of the girl. He said that the girl died on September 9, 1988. And the reason she is still there is because she wants to give justice to her death.

While Dela Cruz said that the girl is a vendor in the food court which is also the same to Caluag that says the girl is a waitress in the noodle house.

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