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Love Letter of Dead Wife to Husband Nestor Flores Mangila Jr. and Kids Goes Viral

The love letter of dead wife for her husband and kids prepared before she dies is now circulating online that turns the netizens becomes emotional.

The online community responded with tears while reading the story of the love letter of the dead wife for her husband and kids prepared ahead of time prior to her death.

It cannot be denied that everyone will die as the Holy Scripture says from the book of Hebrews chapter 9:27 “it is appointed unto men once to die,” no one is exempted with this reality in life.

Nestor Flores Mangila Jr. the husband of the wife who made the letter that goes viral online experienced that losing his wife is considered the most painful incident that hard to bear in life because of that great loss.

Nestor took to his Facebook page to share the love letter of his wife intended for him and their kids which the same letter made the netizen cry while reading it.

According to Nestor, he was not able to open a note leave on the phone of his wife because it requires a password. But he finally opened it and he found a letter of her wife she made before she died. Nestor’s wife died on a cancer.

In the Facebook post of Nestor, he noted that the last letter of his wife was the most memorable love letter she made ever since they get together.

“This is the saddest and most beautiful letter/note I’ve received from you. Ayaw tumigil ng luha ko nung mabasa ko ‘to. Akala ko hindi ko mauunlock, Nay! Maraming salamat din sa lahat, someday things will get better, magiging okay din ako — kami,” he wrote in a post along with screen shots of the letter of his wife wrote.

Nestor and his wife dwell in the house together as husband and wife for 15 years. On his other post, Nestor said, “Di man tayo umabot sa ‘until we’re grey and old’ sulit naman yung 15 years natin!”

The message in the letter encourages Nestor to continue their lives they have started. She does no longer exist physically but she is always being there for them and their kids. At the last part of the message, Nestor’s wife told him to find a partner because she understands he needed one for himself and for their kids.

Nestor’s wife love letter:

Viral Love Letter

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