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Aglio Kim a Trolley Robot Serving Food in the Restaurant in Korea

This Trolley Robot is serving food in a restaurant in Korea to insure the social distancing requirement to be observed during the pandemic.

Aglio Kim is a 1.25 meter tall trolley robot using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to deliver orders of the customers in the restaurant in Seoul, Korea. With this AI robot the restaurant can insure to follow the government required quarantine protocol during the pandemic.

The trolley robot was developed by South Korean Telecoms Company, the KT Corporation guarantee of using this advance technology. The touch-screen surface on the table is using Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) is for the use of the visual of the robot to see around and having the capacity to motivate the customers.

According to Lee Young-Jin, the leader of AI Platform Business Team of KT said the A.I robot has a lot of food tray that able to carry more than 30 kilogram to deliver food up to four tables simultaneously. The AI robot has built in LCD screen and speakers able to communicate in Korean English.

Lee Young-ho, manager of Mad for Garlic Restaurant has noticed that the customer saw the robot was unique and very interesting that even understand the coronavirus.

The KT Corporation who is the founder of the robot expected more clients to apply robot on their restaurant this year.





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