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Janella Salvador Pregnant? Saying “Show My Bump” in an Instagram Live

Following the revelation of Janella Salvador and boyfriend Markus Paterson being in a relationship, Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador accidentally spill the tea by saying “show my bump na lang” during the Instagram live. That made the issue to fueled more to her pregnancy rumors.

It was Saturday night when the rumored couple Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson confirmed their relationship to the public through their posts they shared on social media.

Based on the post of Markus, he called Janella his world while she saying best hug from the best potato.

And now, after confirming their relationship, another rumors poped up and it says that is the young actress is pregnant. In a short clip from the live video of Markus that has been circulating online, Janella said she couldn’t jump because she’s not allowed.

And in the same IG live, another scene was recorded and people have heard that Janella was telling or seemingly asking someone to show her bump. The voice of the woman in the background was recognized as Janella’s and she was heard saying, “Show na lang my bump.”

However, the rumor is still a rumor because no one has ever confirmed this and the young actress is also not posting new photos of her on her social media.

Meanwhile, her mother, Janine Decederio also followed Janella their. Based on the video, it looks like she’s staying in her boyfriend’s home UK and there were rumors as well that she is bound to give birth in there.

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