Actual Video of Sarah Balabagan Revealing Arnold Clavio is the Biological Father of Her 21-year-old Daughter


Sarah Balabagan is making noise on social media world following after her shocking revelation that makes the Filipino netizens expressed reaction.

In the Facebook page of Sarah Balabagan, she made an official statement, a live video in Facebook which the same video went viral online spreading in the internet like wildfire that the video garnered hundreds of thousands views and comments in Facebook and YouTube.

According to the live video of Sarah which can be watched here below on this page, Sarah revealed that the veteran journalist Arnold Clavio is the biological father of her 21-year-old daughter.

Sarah narrated that their relationship started when she was at the age of 17-year-old. Being a minor at the time, she said that Arnold Clavio is the man that comforted her after her hard luck happened in United Arab Emirates when she was sentenced to death by the Arab government after killing her employer on July 19, 1994.

Massive protest in the country and abroad resulting the light sentence of Sarah to fine her of 40,000 U.S. dollars as blood money and striking her with rod for hundred times instead of death penalty.

Sarah said that Mr. William Gatchalian come to the rescue extending her the 40,000 U.S dollars to pay the fine. During the time, Arnold Clavio is the media personality who accompanied with William Gatchalian abroad. There the story of their relationship started, she said.

The video here below will give you the detail when you it:

Sarah apologizes to the family of Clavio especially to his wife and Sarah was happy after Clavio’s wife forgiven her.

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