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WATCH: Hilarious Allergy Prank Of Alex Gonzaga & Ivana Alawi Against Mona And Mama Alawi

Famous vloggers Ivana Alawi and Alex Gonzaga recently joined forces wherein they targeted Mona Alawi and Mama Alawi to prank them both using “Allergic Reaction”.

Now it is payback time!

The scenario Mama Alawi will prepared a mukbang for Alex and Mona will be incharge of questioning her sister and the actress.

After few minutes passed Alex will pretend she is in bad condition due to difficulty of breathing with vomiting.

Ivana then will pretend to be panicking and let Mona and Mama Alawi thinks Alex will be in big trouble.

Lets watch the full video of the story to witness how Mama Alawi and Mona will react to the situation.

Meanwhile this is the first time where two famous vlogger like Ivana and Alex join together to make fun with these two.

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Watch the full video here:

Alex Gonzaga And Ivana Alawi Prank

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