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Trending: Call Center Agents React On Radioman Jun Capulots’ “Mga Call Center Agents Tamaran Kag Wala Ga Gamit Brain Cells”

Trending topic now is a issue with comprises a certain RMN Ilo-Ilo radioman Jun Capulot.

The issue rises when a certain BPO company Iqur staff becomes positive of COVID-19 and the management failed to SWAB test all its agents.

We come to the point of view of the radioman, Mr. Jun is pointing out the danger of COVID-19 pandemic to the community because of its fast spread in the country. The media man is on rage after the company did not take responsibility towards what happened and did not take the initiative to test their employees and conduct a lockdown on the establishment.

The company officially release a statement to voluntary lockdown but the did not honor their words.

Second point the radio and the most controversial is he criticize the call center agents and call them as lazy workers and no brainers.

He stated “Ang mga call center agents mga tamaran kag wala ga gamit brain cells” (Call center agents are lazy and do not use their brain during work).

The said statement enrage the call center agent community and send some hard comments towards Mr. Capulot.

As a point of view what Mr. Capulot done has a positive and negative side because he is concern in the welfare of the community, but it is not proper to involve the call center agents who are working hard, with no sleep and no eat during graveyard shifts.

According to some of the call center agents who so ever that radioman Capulot talk to is a troll do not know the sacrifices of the BPO agents on this time.

We must consider that during ECQ times and our economy is down BPO is one of the establishment help us to cope up with the crisis.

What do you think about the issue? You can comment in the section down below.



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