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Police Master Sergeant John Hay Macapulay Gives Cash to a Traffic Violator Eunie Subaran, Reason Makes You Speechless

A checkpoint officer encountered traffic violators on the area he was manning for a checkpoint assignment but it turns into an emotional and inspiring story that seldom to happen in one’s life where you can learn that a difficult situation turns into a blessing in disguise.

The inspiring story started after Police Master Sergeant John Hay Macapulay apprehended two minors riding a motorcycle without wearing helmet and no driver’s license to show. One of the two minors is a graduating student Eunie Subaran together with her brother who were caught by the officer.

Checkpoint Police

When Police Master Sergeant John Hay Macapulay investigate the two minors, the graduating student answered that they’re heading to witness the commencement exercise of her classmate to graduate. The two minors are pleading to the police officer to consider their violation as they don’t have money to pay for the penalty.

A Good Samaritan police officer move in compassion with his heart as he can relate the situation to his life when he was yet a student like her. Instead of issuing a violation ticket, Master Sergeant Macapulay asked them if they have already eaten and invited the two to dine together for a meal. While they were eating, the police officer shared his story and later found out that Subaran was also a graduating student but she can’t able to participate ceremony because she still has unsettled school fees.

Checkpoint Police

Macapulay did not only offered the two minors of a meal but he also offered a cash gift to a graduating student to pay her unpaid school fees. The charitable act of Macapulay made the graduating student become emotional.

In an interview with Homer Teodoro which was posted on Facebook, Subaran said “Sabi po niya, kumain lang daw po kami nang kumain kasi daw po may iba pa po siyang regalo sa akin,” “Doon po. Bigla na lang po niya akong sinabihan na ihahabol daw po niya ako sa mismong graduation ko,” Subaran narrated.

Macapulay went together with Subaran on their school and pay the remaining Php3,900 balance so that the graduating student is able to attend the graduation that is set on August 5. Aside from being included to the official graduates, the Senior High student from New Christian Academy is one among the students to receive honor.

Checkpoint Police

In an interview with Homer Teodoro to Macapulay, he said that he is really compassionate to the people of the same situation as he can see himself to them because he also experienced difficulties when he was yet a student like them. As a matter of fact, Macapulay said he took seven long years to finish his high school because of poverty.

He also said that he can’t allow that day to just pass without doing good to the needy knowing that he will regret if he refuse that good opportunity of helping others.

“Ang joy po na naramdaman ko noong time na ‘yon ay hindi po kayang bayaran ng ano mang uri ng pera,” he said.

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