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Celebrities and Netizens React to Duterte’s Statement Saying Gasoline Can Be Used as Disinfectant

President Duterte’s statement over gasoline to be used as a disinfectant became viral online.

In his speech on Friday morning, he said, “Totoo ‘yang sinabi ko. Alcohol, ‘pag walang alcohol na available magpunta ka lang diyan sa gasoline station pagkatapos mag ano magpatulo ka. That’s disinfectant.”

“Magpatulo ka lang ng ano just to disinfect. Ang akala nitong mga buang na nagsabi sa akin si Duterte…Para sa inyo, sa hindi nakakaintindi, sa totoo lang hindi ako nagbibiro. Totohanan ‘yun. akala ninyo nagbibiro lang ako. Pero sa totoo hindi ako nagbibiro,” the President added.

Celebrities reacted to this controversial statement. One of the celebrities was Atom Araullo, warning netizens about the bad effects if they take the advice of the President. He tweeted, “On PRRD’s advice to use kerosene or “gaas” as a disinfectant: – irritating to eyes and skin, may cause dermatitis with chronic exposure – inhalation may cause respiratory irritation – acute exposure may result in central nervous system effects including coma and death.”

Jim Paredes also tweeted saying “MR. president, please demonstrate on TV your gasoline disinfectant suggestion. If you are too busy can you ask any of your cabinet, or followers to do it?”

Netizens have also reacted to the news. Here are some of the comments:

Integrated Chemists of the Philippines (ICP) also disapproved of the President’s advice saying that it is harmful to the health. They posted in their Facebook page saying “Pinapaalalahanan ng ICP ang lahat na HINDI ginagamit ang gasolina upang gawing panlinis o disinfectant ng mga bagay-bagay. Makasasama ito sa tao lalo na kapag nalanghap ang singaw nito.”

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