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President Duterte’s statement over gasoline to be used as a disinfectant became viral online. In his speech on Friday morning, he said, “Totoo ‘yang sinabi ko. Alcohol, ‘pag walang alcohol na available magpunta ka lang diyan sa gasoline station pagkatapos mag ano magpatulo ka. That’s disinfectant.” “Magpatulo ka lang ng ano just to disinfect. Ang [...]

Viral now on social media the heartbreaking photo of a poor old man wearing his improvised face mask made of a sack. The COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus has been the headlines of the news these past few months of local and international news. It’s the most discussed topics on social media. The said virus [...]

An inconsiderate consumer who bought three big carts of alcohol in a supermarket was exposed by a concerned netizen and post it online. Department of Health (DOH) announces the public the precautionary measures amid the coronavirus cases in the country. That is why people are panicking to buy medical supplies like facemasks and essentials such [...]

We all love to drink alcoholic liquors because of it’s possible benefits in our body, even our Almighty GOD drinks wine for the reason that it is beneficial in our health, but take at look at this alcoholics drinks and upon watching this video you would think twice if you would drink this one. Click [...]