Actual Video of Bong Revilla in the Hospital Fighting Covid Hard Coughing

Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla shared video with his actual situation in the hospital fighting against the COVID-19 disease with difficulty of breathing and hard coughing.

Recently, the former actor turned politician was rushed to the hospital after learning the findings of the physicians as he was developed pneumonia due to coronavirus.

In the actual video shared online by senator Revilla, he is continuously coughing while asking the people to pray for him on his situation and for fast recovery.

“Just pray for me, please. Don’t worry, I am OK. Lani and the kids are also OK. In God’s mercy, they all tested negative,” he said.

His wife Lani Mercado also expressed prayer for her husband asking God to help him. This was after knowing the latest X-ray result of the senator shows pneumonia is developing inside. Mercado also said that isolation in a regular facility is no longer ideal for the senator because of his condition.

“Father God pls help my husband. He is being rushed to the hospital. His latest X-ray shows that he has developed pneumonia and isolation in a regular facility is no longer ideal. Hospital care badly needed. Father, we lift him up to you,” she expressed.

Watch video of senator Bong Revilla here in his actual situation in the hospital.

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