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VIRAL: Sunshine Cruz Named The People Who Harassed Her Daughters on Social Media

Singer and “Love Thy Woman” actress Sunshine Cruz named those people who harass her daughters on social media. The actress has this pieces of evidence where people and certain groups that posting malicious photos of her and her daughters.

Sunshine’s daughters Angelina Isabelle, Samantha Angeline, and Angel Franchesca are their daughters with actor and ex-husband Cesar Montano. And obviously the girls have all grown up to be just as gorgeous and beautiful like her. But along with the beauty there are sick people who are harassing them online.

Sunshine on her previous post stated that clothing her kids are comfortable in wearing should not serve as permission for these people to harass them and sexualize them, most especially, that the two of them are still minors just because they are posting photos of them in skimpy swimwears, cropped tops, shorts, and wearing other sorts of sexy clothing.

Meanwhile, Sunshine expressed her anger on a Twitter post that women are not foods or any material things for display or up for sale. The actress wrote as a a caption;

I may have done sexy movies in the past but it is never a valid reason to treat us this way.

Recently, she also shared in her IG stories the screenshots of those social media pages and certain individuals whose posts are about “sexualizing” her daughters using their photos.

She even named those people that according to her are schoolmates of her daughter. The furious mother wrote in every screenshot of those photos;

If this is right, I don’t know what’s wrong anymore.”

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