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Korina Sanchez Believes That ABS-CBN Will Be Back

Recently, the ABS-CBN franchise issue became a hot topic once again after the congress rejected the renewal. Only 11 congressmen voted in favor of the network’s franchise renewal. Korina Sanchez, one of the well known television news anchor, believes that ABS-CBN will be back.

“ABSCBN. Practically my first job even before graduating college. It is my honor to have been in the very first show that went back on-air that day, after its franchise was returned to the Lopezes in 1987. ’Watch Us Do It Again’ was our tagline. And ABSCBN did. And more. And how. And this was after the network had to shut down after the declaration of Martial Law, after owner Geny Lopez was jailed and escaped to the US to fight another day, after freedom of the press was killed and then resurrected after more than 20 years…” 

“You see, that’s why I hold my 30 year loyalty award trophy with a smile. I believe in miracles. I believe in right winning over wrong. I believe, ABSCBN will be back. You ask me how I am. I am grateful, for more than 30 years serving the Filipino in a Philippine flagship. I am humbled the Lopez family and management trusted me from Day One in my early twenties, till today. I am proud to have been chosen by you to be in your homes almost every single day in my eventful broadcast career. I am excited, for what happens next. And I am certain, history will do this entire episode justice.” Korina added. 

“This isn’t goodbye. This is, see you again. Hopefully sooner than later. Handa na ba kayo?” she captioned on her Instagram post.

She also posted another one saying, “Yes, it already happened once before.

“And I was there to participate and witness the hugely successful comeback of ABS-CBN after 14 years of closure since Martial Rule.

“And ABS-CBN then did it again. And more. And how.”

As of now, some of ABS-CBN’s shows are limited only through cable and online platforms.

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