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TRENDING: NASA ‘Send Your Name to Mars’, Steps How to Join

NASA again invited the public to have their names sent to Mars on a future mission to the planet.

NASA’s latest Mars-bound Perseverance rover has just been launched and is set to bring over 10.9 million names to the neighboring planet from the last name submission campaign.

But since the opportunity to send names to Mars this year is already closed, the agency opened another chance for the public to submit their names for the next expedition as the space agency stated on its website last Friday, July 24.

Interested applicants can still input their details on NASA’s site. The agency will review the entries and once approved, the names will be etched onto a microchip and placed aboard the future mission spacecraft to Mars which is expected to fly mid-2020s.

When Perseverance launches to Mars, it will carry three dime-sized chips with 10.9 million names submitted by people all over the world,” the agency said.

While there is no more chance to get one’s name on Perseverance’s trip to the planet, those interested in sending their names to Mars on another mission can sign up through this page.

Just visit the site, mars.nasa.gov

Next, write your last name and your first name.

Sample ticket

Your Country ☑
Your Postal Code check ☑
And your Email check ☑

And then you can recieve your ticket to send your name to Mars.

Along with getting one’s name etched onto a microchip, each person that signs up will receive a boarding pass similar to a regular airline flight.

A sample of the boarding pass to send your name to Mars (Image: NASA)
Photo Credits: Inquirer.net

NASA explained that there is currently no spacecraft that is set to take the next batch of names to Mars. However, upon submitting your name, the boarding pass states that the next launch to Mars is scheduled for July 2026.

Over 1.1 million people have already submitted their names for a future Mars mission, as of Inquirer.

Prior to this latest call for names, NASA had opened similar opportunities to the public as well. In 2017, the agency sent more than 2 million names to Mars via the InSight lander.

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