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Top 10 Golden Buzzers, Number 9 gave me goosebumps

These people were so talented even the judges should have to push the Golden Buzzer. Having four yes from the judges is so heartwarming but having a Golden Buzzer is like having a heart attack as they auditioned.
People right now are bored and staying at home, these top ten videos are the perfect thing to watch right now during these times of pandemic, we people need to enjoy ourselves to prevent depression and social anxiety.
People and judge’s reactions are priceless; you can see in their faces that they can’t believe what is going on.

Number nine really makes my skin goes up, I really thought she was a different race or an Angel, She wowed the audience and she was able to achieve the Golden Buzzer, I think it is the highest achievement in Got Talent all around the world aside from her other contestants also have astounding and incredible talents. Having a Golden Buzzer is like a having a Michelin star in your life, it is an achievement of a lifetime.
Do you have a unique talent? What are you waiting for? Go for an Audition or have a Vlog channel in any Soc. Med platforms, don’t hide your golden talent, you will only have that one in a lifetime.

-Frejie Floyd Alexis Yanson

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