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Zeinab Harake to Skusta Clee, “Puro porma pero walang pambili!” after Asking for P200k to Buy Iphone

Another issue pop up on Skusta Clee and ex-girlfriend Zeinab Harake after the Ex-Batallion member allegedly ask Zeinab Harake when they are still in a relationship P200k just to buy an IPhone.

Recalling, Skusta Clee went viral on social media after posted a video in his Instagram libe with Ryssi, throwing away the pajama of Zeinab in the toilet. As it was in the video, Ryssi and friends were laughing because of what Skusta Clee did.

But as what people do when they are so pissed off, Zeinab claps back at the couple.

On Facebook account of the vlogger, Zeinab Harake revealed that Skusta has been chasing after her since their break-up.

She even posted screenshots of his messages to show proof that it wasn’t her who hasn’t moved on but it was Skusta. She revealed how Skusta begged for her to come back.

As the fans seen the screenshots, the social media influencers fans reacted on the evidence Zeinab disclosed.

Padami ng padami sungay mo, ayoko na talaga kumibo pero inuubos niyo pasensya ko eh. Alam mo kung gaano ako kabait, ikaw mismo nagagalit pag sobra yung ginagawa ko para sa ibang tao. Tapos ngayon ano,” Zeinab posted on her official Facebook account.

Also, Zeinab’s friend commented on her post reminding her that Skusta Clee’s cellphone came out of her own money when they were still dating. The rapper allegedly asked his girlfriend for more than Php 200,000 just to buy the latest iPhone model 11 pro max.

According to Zeinab, since Skusta threw away her pajama, he should also threw away his phone since it was also came from her.

Zeinab said, “Binato niya pajama ko sa inidoro diba? Bat hindi niya din ibato yung phon niya ngayon? Sakin din galing yun eh, para fair haha.”

Due to that, netizens criticized Skusta for allegedly manipulating his ex-lover.

As of now, Skusta and his new girlfriend Ryssi are yet to respond to Zeinab’s allegations.

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