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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse also Called as Strawberry Full Moon To be Seen On June 5-6

A Penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when Earth’s outer shadow falls on the Moon’s face. It is easy to miss because most of the Moon is illuminated by sunlight. On June 5, penumbral lunar eclipse also known as strawberry full moon will about to unfold.

Strawberry Full Moon On June 5! – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Who could see the eclipse?

If the weather is fine, those in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and South-Eastern areas of South America would be able to witness the spectacle. However, this type of eclipse is often subtle and hard to distinguish from a regular full moon depending on where you are.

Luckily, according to an article from The Mind Unleashed, the strawberry eclipse would be visible from start to finish in some areas. Moreover, it was reported to last a total of 3 hours and 18 minutes.

Sadly, some areas would only experience its shine during the moon rise or set. Also, those in North America and South America wouldn’t be able to witness the event as it would be below their horizon.

The Full Strawberry Moon In Sagittarius Means It’s Time For Role Play. … The full moons in June is called a Strawberry Moon because it coincides with the strawberry harvest. Less common nicknames for this month’s full moon, based on old European naming traditions, are the Mead Moon, Honey Moon, and Rose Moon.

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