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NBI Chief Vic Lorenzo Explained Why Francis Leo Marcos Arrested

Erwin Tulfo is featuring Francis Leo Marcos or “Norman Mangusin” in one of his episode on “Tutok Erwin Tulfo” program regarding the topic of the NBI arrest Francis Leo Marcos.

As to recall the charitable act of Francis Leo Marcos, he helps to the least fortunate Filipino during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), and earned massive supporters and followers on social media because of his generosity giving almost hundred tons of rice to the poor and needy during the lockdown.

Despite of his act of generosity, many of his supporters and followers wanted to know the real reason why their idol FLM was arrested by the NBI.

In this episode, Erwin Tulfo is calling by phone to NBI Cybercrime Division Chief Vic Lorenzo to give official statement on the ground of arrest against FLM.

According to Lorenzo, Francis Leo Marcos is facing cases for violating Optometry Law, violence against women and human trafficking and other case filed by the complainants who appeared in the NBI office.

In this video, Lorenzo explained the reason why Francis Leo Marcos was arrested and he also clarified that the Norman Mangusin is the same person as Leo Francis Marcos.

Watch this video to know the detail of the story and the reason of arrest of Francis Leo Marcos or Norman Mangusin.

Watch video here:


However, you can also watch Francis Leo Marcos video summary:


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