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94-Year-Old Woman Failed to Get SAP Assistance After Trying to Apply for it

A 94-year-old elderly woman who’s living alone in life failed to get cash assistance from the government after she tries to apply for the Social Amelioration Program or SAP.

Alone 94-Year-Old Woman
Image Source: GMA News

A 94-year-old woman who lives alone has been forced to go outside in order to acquire a form of social amelioration program (SAP) even though the government advises the seniors not to leave home because of the high risk of COVID-19. However, the senior came home disappointed.

Lola Magna Aparece was not provided with the SAP form, as a result, during the exchange but she was lining up at a payout center in New Silang, Caloocan, where she was distributing the cash.

Lola Magna Aparece was not given the SAP form but still lines up at a Bagong Silang, Caloocan City payout center hoping that she can still able to get the SAP. Lola Magna said on a report from GMA News, “Wala akong pamilya, mga anak ko nangamatay na. Ako’y nakikitira lang […] Mag-apply sana… bahala na si Lord.”

Despite her age, Lola Magna still line up since dawn for her social amelioration aid, but the old woman ended up with nothing as she had failed to fill out a SAP form.  According to a social worker named, Rochelle Fernando, Lola Magna probably thought the line was for the distribution of form.

Fernando feels pity for the old woman, but couldn’t do anything because she wasn’t on the list. Even at the distribution of the second tranche, neither is sure that she could be included.

Mahirap po na ipapangako mo tapos, di ba, sermon. Kaya hindi rin po kami nag-a-ano. Lagi ko po sinasabi kung meron man, malalaman din naman nila, makakarating din ‘yun dahil ibabahay din naman po ‘yon,” Fernando said.

The social worker could do nothing but list Aparece’s case to report it to the authorities and possibly might get include for the next distribution. However, she could not promise that Lola Magna would receive her SAP any time soon.

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